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Set (8pc) All Aboard Science

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BIG CATS: From tigers to cougars and leopards to lions, this book is a great introduction to big cats. Topics discussed include hunting techniques, sleeping habits, color patterns, and the importance of preserving the cats' habitats.

BLACK OUT: Did you know that the luna moth only flutters around at night--or that is has a wingspan as wide as a bowl of soup? This reader is packed with interesting facts about all the creepy animals that we never get to see during the daytime, like the barn owl, the blind cave fish, and the vampire squid.

BUG OUT: Level 3. This book features some of the most disgusting, far-out bugs on the planet. Learn how a scorpion uses its poison, discover how the jumping spider hunts, and more!

FREAK OUT: Did you know that the viperfish uses a glowing lure to attract its prey? Or that a giant squid has eyeballs the size of volleyballs? This book is full of facts about all sorts of freaky animals!

GIANT LIZARDS: Leapin' lizards! Kids have always been fascinated by reptiles, both living and extinct. Now, in our latest All Aboard Science Reader, they'll learn all about lizards that lived with the dinosaurs and still roam the earth today. With clear, simple text and bright, bold artwork, this Station Stop 2 Easy Reader is perfect for the home and classroom!

GIANT SQUID: Talk about a BIG catch! The 25-foot squid hauled in by a fishing boat off the coast of New Zealand in December 1997 was one of the most amazing stories of that year! Here's a fascinating look at the giant squid, cephalopods in general, and the implications of this extra-ordinary discovery--written in conjunction with The American Museum of Natural History.

WAY DOWN DEEP: A tour of the ocean depths reveals some of the sea, where robot submersibles roam; strange rock chimneys spew black water; and viperfish, vampire squids, gulper eels, and giant tube worms make their homes.

SNAKES: Did you know that snakes pick up smells with their tongues . . . and that a python can swallow a whole pig in one bite? Fun and fantastic facts about snakes--the creatures kids love to hate--with eye-popping collage illustrations.

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