NTune Solid On Ear Headphone Candy Blue

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Introducing the next generation of sound performance from Monster®. Our N-Tune™ On-Ear headphones deliver your music, movies and games with unmatched clarity and depth, hand-tuned with the precision designed to blow you away. N-Tune™’s slick on-ear design and colourful range sets your look, your attitude, your music. Thumping bass kicks it to a totally new level. You’ve never heard it this good—your sound perfected for you by the experts at Monster®.


N-Tune™’s On-Ear noise-isolation design seals out distracting environments to keep your experience intact. You get the full impact of your music no matter where you are.

  • Delivers the punch you want from your music 
  • Lightweight design you can wear all day 
  • ControlTalk™ Universal controls your phone and your music 
  • Tangle-free cables 
  • Low-profile right-angle connector 


N-Tune™ ON-Ear Headphones 

ControlTalk™ Universal Cable

Carrying bag 

Monster® Cleaning Cloth.  

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How does the ControlTalk work?
Using ControlTalk™ Answer or end a call: Press and release the center button once to answer. Repeat to end the call. Decline an incoming call: Press and hold the center button for two seconds, then release. There will be two beeps when you let go to indicate successful operation. Play or pause a song or video: Press and release the center button. Repeat to resume. Skip to the next or previous song or chapter: Press and release the center button twice quickly to skip forward. Press and release three times quickly to skip back. Control volume: Press the (+) button to increase volume. Press the (-) button to decrease volume. Functionality will vary by device. For more information on functionality for your device, please visit ControlTalk Works

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