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Quiz It Pen Kindergarten

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11"x 11.5"x 1.625" box contains four 5.25" X 8" question books, electronic answer pen, parents' guide, box with handle. Box can be used for storage. The electronic answer pen has a special tip that reads a special kind of ink. The child answers a question by touching the pen's tip to a multiple-choice answer star. If the child chooses the correct answer, the pen will read the special ink, and produce a positive response. If the child chooses the incorrect answer - or touches the pen to anything not printed with the special ink - the pen will respond with a re-directive response. Answer pen has 18 positive responses; 13 negative responses. Responses will include both sound effects and voice. (Examples: "That's right!" "You got it! "[ding-ding-ding sfx]" "[trumpet fanfare sfx]" "Let's try that again." "Uh-oh!" "[buzzer sfx]")
The answer pen performs as described above. There are 3 buttons on the pen: try me, volume up, volume down. In addition to the audible responses, the pen also lights up: Gold for positive response, Red for negative response. It's fun to see how smart you are with the Quiz It Pen Box set!
Inside the box are 4 quiz books loaded with 256 pages of questions and answers, plus an electronic answer pen that tells you if you've answered each question correctly. First read the question about the picture. Then choose an answer. Touch the answer pen to the star next to your choice. Are you right? The talking pen tells you! And it lights up with a gold star! Did you choose a wrong answer? Don't worry, the pen will encourage you to try again.
There are more than 500 questions and answers, for hours of quiz time fun. Want to quiz with questions and answers in a quiet place? No problem! You can turn the sounds off, and see the gold and red answer lights to know if you're doing a great job. Kids won't even know they're learning, with Quiz It books and Answer Pen!

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SKU 21985
Brand/Publisher Phoenix International Publications Inc
ISBN 9781450862271
MSRP $35.99
Minimum Age Ages 4 +
Age Range Ages 3-5
Format Paperback
Length 11.5
Width 1.6

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